Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world’s most popular fitness personalities. As a pioneer in the fitness industry he has helped millions to stay fit with his popular TV fitness shows ‘Bodies in Motion’, ‘Basic Training the Workout’ and ‘Total Body Sculpt with Gilad’ and with his gold and platinum instructional home fitness DVDs and videos.
Lord Of The Abs TM
5 DVDs To Target Your Core in 5 Different Ways!
Gilad is known in the fitness industry as having “the best abs in the business”
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I have been using the Lord of the Abs DVD for two weeks now and I have noticed a difference already. My abs look and feel firmer. I am not a gym rat, I have two small kids and limited time to exercise. This series works. C.J. GA
The description on these DVDs says that you'll feel a difference after 1 workout and see a difference after a week--it is not an exaggeration at all! My functional strength has dramatically increased in the 2 1/2 weeks I've been doing Lord of the Abs and I was in good shape before I started them. I've had 3 babies in the last 5 years and have never looked like my old self, no matter how much I worked out. My abs would get strong but never flat. With Lord of the Abs, I am already seeing my abs flatten back out again--I didn't think it was even possible! I have been working out with Gilad shows since I was a kid, but this series of workouts is my very favorite one yet. Thanks so much!!! Stacy, UT
Finally, a workout for the abs that does not require floor work, but seems to produce better results with the use of a medicine ball--also an excellent cardiovascular routine. This is the equivalent of a full- body workout that is centered in the core abdominal area! Joanie, NM
These are excellent, challenging workouts. While they focus on core strength, they are also great cardio workouts. I use all five regularly and would recommend getting the entire set. I also use the Total Body Sculpt series and highly recommend those workouts as well. Gail, MN
Great workouts, not only are they fun and enjoyable they fit perfectly with Total Body Sculpt program as well as the Ultimate Body Sculpt videos. Great way to have a system of exercises with a lot of variety....great job... keep up the great work...looking forward to your next series of exercises videos. Miranda, CA
Gilad is always getting better with his unique blend of professionalism, technique, humor, energy and exacting form. I reach to be better by following along with the man himself! Dean, NY
They are great. I am amazed how they work more than just Abs. My favorite are the standing workouts. Great Workouts and I love the backround of Gilad's DVDs and shows. That is a major reason I chose his over some others. Rhonda, WI
The workout is great. I have always enjoy the workouts that have purchase in the past and I still use them to workout along with the new one Lord of the Ab-Hard Core. Thanks again. Cynthia, MA
As promised, these workouts deliver the challenge I have been looking for! I have incorporated this series with the Ultimate Body Sculpting Series and after two rounds, I am seeing great results and feeling GREAT!! Thank you, Gilad for helping me to maintain a healthy and strong body!! Cynthia, PA
This DVD Collection is fantastic. It is challenging, very effective and fun. I found myself smiling with the "models walk" in one of the cool downs. It is very well balanced to hit every muscle group, and if you do the 5 workouts in rotation, you will see results within 2 weeks that will amaze you ! It really tones and tightens the entire body for a very healthy and youthful appearance. And most of all you feel great. I have more energy and actually look forward to working out daily, as this new routine is innovative, combining athletic moves with some pilates, ballet, yoga, and aerobics. The best of all fitness disciplines carefully integrated into a workout routine that you can do in the comfort and convenience of your own home. S, IL
As far as I know I have every video that Gilad has ever made. I have been working out with Gilad for over 21 years and so far Lord of the Abs is my favorite series. The exercises are challanging but not too stressful to complete. And the stretch segments are just long enough between exercises to give you the break you need to go on. The reps are long enough that you can learn the moves but not so long on each exercise that they become boring. I LOVE it! Lina, NC
So far love the dvds (trying one work out session per day). Also, loved the free shipping and they arrived fast! No complaints. Would have been nice to get a free gift of sorts but i guess thats it :) Mabel, NY
This is not the first DVD that I have purchased from Gilad. Have loved them all and he did not disappoint again. Makes working out fun and keeps you coming back for more. Great value as always. Thanks Gilad! Victoria, IL
I am enjoying the DVD's. I have been working out with them for about 2 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. The Hardcore DVD is the only one I cannot work out with as the squat throws in that DVD make my wrist hurt. I was very impressed with how quickly I received the DVD's. I received them within 3 businees days after ordering. I am considering ordering the body sculpt DVD next. Karen, TX
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